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I am a Software Engineer who has done battle with high-volume, low-latency, Enterprise-level systems


since 2015

Software Engineer

AffTrack, Inc.
  • Upgraded a Large (500k+ lines) Legacy Codebase.
  • Planned a migration from PHP 5.3 to 7.1.
  • Built a Real-Time Error Reporting system to identify, visualize, triage, and resolve thousands of Code, SQL, and Connection issues.
  • Spearheaded conversion of procedural code to OOP.
  • Replaced mysql_* functions with PDO.
  • Pioneered use of an IDE with fellow developers -- with a corresponding code-quality improvement.
  • Performed analysis of many external platforms and tools for possible implementation.
  • Advocated use of Git for VCS.
  • Worked with and configured Nginx, LiteSpeed, and Apache on hundreds of nodes.
  • Delivered many SQL queries of varying complexity (Joins, Sub-Queries, Unions, etc).
  • Added features according to a managed feature request queue.
  • Provided daytime ticket support to all clients.
  • Provided on-call emergency support 1/3 of all weeks.

For my crown jewel project, I designed and implemented a multi-threaded application cache which reduced database load by ~90%, eliminated real-time joins completely, and further reduced the required number of inbound API calls by more than 50%. Using a cache server to manage multiple processes, my Offer Feed layer reached performance levels in the 10s of thousands of serialization operations per second, resulting in real-time bottom line improvements across all clients; this was the base system required for us to automate several other critical business functions.

2014 - 2015

Floor Supervisor

Computer Centers, USA

CCU provided consumer-level technical support to clients of QVC and HSN (Cable Shopping Channels) for Windows laptops and Android tablets. At CCU, I began as a Tier 3 tech support operator, providing remote support via LogMeIn Rescue to ~ 40 customers per day, managing 6-8 simultaneous live support sessions at any given moment. Issues faced covered the entire spectrum of possible end user PC issues, from data corruption to printer error to anti-malware sweeps to missing desktop shortcuts (everything except hardware issues).

With a top-3 volume and the highest quality rating among 30+ technicians (98%+ satisfied over 6000 remote sessions), I was quickly promoted into management, where I made use of prior executive skills in coordinating and managing a team of ~10 Tier 3 technicians and 40+ Tier 1/2 phone operators. I advocated for and drove adoption of troubleshooting diagrams and walkthroughs, written policy manuals for the remote technicians, and dealt with day-to-day management duties for each shift.

2002 - 2013

Vice President

REP Sales, Inc.

Rose from warehouse assistant to VP over the course of 11 years. This organization provides sales and logistical support to the energy industry in region that spans 9 states (Northeastern US). During my rise through RSI, I acted as warehouse labor, learned to drive a forklift, issued purchase orders and evaluated purchasing requirements for the organization, handled inside sales, inventory management, and outside sales duties. During my final years, I scouted for warehouse properties, assisted in negotiation of business relationships, and had direct responsibility for Ohio, Pennsylvania, and West Virginia operations.


1995 - 1997


Eastern Illinois University

English Major/Pre-Law Minor

2000 - 2002


Olney Central College

Cisco Certified Network Associate, 4.0 GPA



PHP 5.3 to 7.2

Laravel 5












Available On Request

At your request, I can make available numerous personal and professional references. Please reach out today!


Web Development

I build applications (not apps). Working from the safety and darkness of the back-end, I coordinate cron jobs and database connections so that the artistry of your front end developers can truly shine. I move and transform data at the speed of light, delivering a reliable product with incredible customizations. There is nothing in the world quite like having a site that was built exclusively to support the way your business already runs.

Copywriting & Editing

I have a natural talent for finding the right words, the right cadence, and the right grammar to express even the most mundane ideas. That comes in handy, given that I'm a word nerd and extremely skilled at finding and correcting mistakes in spelling and grammar. I can write advertising copy, technical documents, and other materials with speed and style.

Technical Consulting

You have a golden opportunity in your hand. Take advantage of more than 30 years of fascination, experimentation, and professional development in the Technology Sector. This breadth of experience positions me to join your team and to get up to speed very quickly.


With the exception of AffTrack, all listed projects are built on Laravel 5 and various technologies. Redis, Nginx, and Node JS are parts of my stack depending on the project.



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Platform Testing Service


Remote Tech Support Service



Custom Florist E-Commerce Package


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