What's in my stack?

I'm a software engineer. My comfort zone is bringing your business logic to life in software form.

Languages & Environments
  • HTML & CSS
  • Javascript & jQuery
  • PHP, PHPStorm, Laravel
  • Git
  • Slack & Trello
  • MySQL & Derivatives
  • MemSQL
  • Clustrix
  • Memcached
  • Redis
Operating Systems & Tools
  • Windows XP Through 10
  • Debian Distributions
  • Ubuntu Server
  • Fail2Ban/UFW/CSF
  • Apache 2
Other Skills
  • Business Operations
  • Mentoring
  • Documentation & Charting
  • Network Management
  • Desktop Support

What I Bring to the Table

Business Oriented

I've been engaged at all levels of business from entry level to VP, and have a firm grasp on business operations and needs. I have the tool-set necessary to help you get the job done and keep the overhead to a minimum.

Insatiable Curiosity

Imagine that you've got a task that takes 10 minutes every day. If, given an hour of my time, I can shave 1 minute off of that task, I'll have saved you six hours every year. I am fascinated by this concept, and love to find small efficiencies that add up to big change.

Low Drama Quotient

I play well with others but love to focus on getting my work done, so you'll rarely find me at the water cooler. I participate in meetings because they matter, but don't have any burning need to be there; in short, I can work within your environment with very little friction.


We're talking decades here: 23 years of HTML, 20 years of steady employment, 10 years of technology roles or responsibility, a track record of leadership success, and 2 years of enterprise-level LAMP development (following years of personal tinkering).

Frequently Asked Questions

Are you available for freelance work?

Absolutely! I would love to hear about your project; Contact me and we can discuss your needs and my rates. My specialty is building platforms from scratch, but I have a lot of practice taking older code and refreshing it, fixing bugs, and removing security vulnerabilities. Whatever it is you'd like to do, I'm willing to investigate our options together.

Can you design my site from scratch?

I want to be clear up-front: I am not a designer. I have some artistic sensibilities, but there are people out there whose worst work would make my best look like the crayon pictures on my fridge. I recommend using an existing template and making changes to fit your needs, or having me collaborate with a professional UI/UX designer to get you something perfect for your app.

What is your hourly rate?

Because every project and every client are different, I don't have a standard published rate. Let's talk about your project and see where we can come together. In general, the less stress your project puts on me, the lower the rate will be. Tight deadlines, complex project requirements, frequent status updates, and after-hours communications are the kinds of things that increase my rates.

What's your support policy?

My project pitch will contain a series of goals. During the development process and for 30 days after reaching the final goal, I will provide full support, including emergency and after-hours support. The pitch will also contain a pricing grid explaining your options when it comes to long term support. These include hourly rates, a monthly retainer, and "woke me up" pricing.

I'm a one-man shop with a talent for code and a dedication to delivering functional results, on time. If you have a project or an idea, please reach out so we can discuss your options.

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